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People suggest us at every walk of life to think outside the box and to get our creativity flow. The role of creative, or “lateral thinking” it’s on it raise in today’s fast-changing world when it comes to our work, business or even personal or every-day life.

What the majority does not know, it’s that creativity is not something you are born with but something that you can learn or improve through practice and training.

Great innovators are those that practice lateral thinking at every decision and situation they encounter.

During our workshop you will be introduced to the basic principles of creative and lateral thinking and learn about some useful principles of creative ways of idea generating and decision making.

The training will be held by Daniel Cornea and Vass Tunde members of “Coaching4EU” organization. The trainers have been previously instructed in Latvia during a two weeks training course called THINK about Thinking Methods and Brain activity. They promise you a beneficial, but entertaining experience that will boost your creativity in various areas of your life.

Main topics of the course:
-Introduction to Lateral Thinking
-Random Input Creativity Method
-The Six Thinking Hats-by Edward De Bono

18.30- Check-In and Networking
19.00-19.15-Introduction to Lateral Thinking and Examples
19.15-19.30-Random Input Creativity Method
19.30-19.40-Networking Break
19.40-20.10-The Six Thinking Hats-by Edward De Bono
20.10-20.30-Question and Discussions

The participation is free of charge. The workshop will be held in English, but we can answer your questions in Romanian or Hungarian as well, when needed!
For any questions please feel free to call us:

See you all very soon!

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