UN Youth Association of Romania, Cluj Branch, organized between the 11th and the 12th of March 2017, the third edition of the Cluj Napoca High School Model United Nations with the theme “Nationalism in the Context of Globalization”.

CNHMUN is a debate in which high school students typically roleplay delegates  to the United Nations and simulate UN Committees. During the debate, each participant will represent a country that plays a part in different UN Committees.  Alongside to his colleagues he or she will discuss an international problem and try to solve the problem from his or hers country’s point of view.

This year CNHMUN had one committee:The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC).




The session of the United Nations Human Rights Committee has officially begun. The issue that the member states are addressing is how to combat the deliberate spread of misinformations that seems to have taken over the media all around the world.

The first concern identified was the delicate relation between control of the media and freedom of speech.  Several of the states deemed media as a representation of the people feelings and concluded that any meddling in independent communication outlets equates with human rights violation. A large numbers of states had positioned themselves on the contrary declaring that spreading untrue information is the real human rights violation.

The arguments of the latter made the whole committee straighten their attention on finding concrete ways to this alarming problem. After a number of propositions which ranged from the mild: drafting an international media policy, creation of a new public information campaign, stricter sanctions for the news company, to the extreme of taking down all the social media outlets.

After extensive discussions regarding the implications of each proposal, the Committee seems to have settled on a couple of solutions: the creation of an application software that will allow the citizens to flag instances of misleading and untrue information and the establishment of an organization that will monitor and sanction the deliberated spread of falsity.

It is important to note that the member states have yet not voted on any resolutions. Any information presented above is exposed to modification and even nullification. The time when we will know for sure what is going to happen next, will be tomorrow afternoon when the Committee is expected to draft and vote on a resolution.


During the second day of the session, the delegates stated their thoughts on the topic, drafted a resolution, voted on it and reached a consensus.

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